That’s why JAWLINER ® isn’t a danger!

Let’s take a look more closely …

Recently an array of brand new products have hit the market, with the aim of strengthening jaw muscles. However, there are some who aren’t as risky as they seem. In this article, I’ll go over the reasons that the majority of Jawline coaches aren’t prepared for the challenges of your life.

Dental Problem

Two jaw trainers are available. The most well-known jaw trainer can be found between teeth between teeth. The issue is that teeth are made to cut food items, but not for solid or solid foods that is why they’re not suited to the immense stress that comes with Jaw trainers. Unintentional use can put an excessive amount of stress on the teeth. In the worst case situation could result in serious harm in the future. JAWLINER however does not, and utilizes molars to chew. This is the reason they are ideal for strengthening muscles that are flexible jaw muscles.

TMJ is a problem

Studies conducted by Orthodontists have revealed that the amount of strain put on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is dependent on the rate at which the mouth is opened and closed during jawline exercises. When the mouth is wide and wide, the TMJ requires it to be moved and adjusted regularly. Because the jaw joint lies located in the front of the jaw and has a straight dimension and since the training process requires opening the mouth wide , and then closing it entirely, the jaw joint must be flexed and retracted with constant pressure to the jaw. This leads to serious aging and fractures. Age-related jaw fractures and tears of the joint as well as jaw pain can result from. Dental professionals have already shared their thoughts through social media.

Because JAWLINERS are present in mummies, and don’t last long, the jaw may be slightly open and closed when you exercise. Jaw joints are within its norm of movement and are able to take the pressure without issue. If you are chewing your JAWLINER it’s not as if you’re experiencing the TMJ that you experience when chewing meat with a tight spot. This allows jaw exercises by chewing JAWLINER an easy method for keeping your jaw in good shape however, it is not as risky as eating food that is solid.

Major Certificates

A large number of jawline trainers are imported directly from China as well as other nations. But, it’s not established if safety and health standards were followed during the manufacturing process. As an German company, we need to adhere to the strictest guidelines! Our JAWLINER has been tried, awarded , and validated numerous times. All of our JAWLINERS is constructed from 100 percent BPA and non-toxic German silicone that is food grade. Our manufacturing process is approved by the FDA and all of our products is frequently evaluated and approved by our supplier, the PICA Institute located in Berlin. Beginning in 2021, Our JAWLINER for the packaging has been approved and tested by the Bavaria Health Office.

Drs. Andrea Jacob

Dr. Andrea Jacob has published an interesting piece published on YouTube regarding JAWLINER. He is a huge advocate to train the jaw muscles by themselves. But, he is clear that it is not recommended to use JAWLINER for those who are suffering from jaw issues or any other jaw-related problem. We are in agreement. If you’re not sure if the jaw muscle test is the best option consult your dentist.

Why jaw exercises are so vital!

The problem that jaws flex was first recognized all over the world by an orthopedist Mew the Dr. John Mew and his son Dr. Mike Mew. The two doctors believe the cause of many health issues is dental decay, jaws or jaws that are small because we consume soft foods and do not make use of our jaws and facial muscles. To address this issue The two Mews particularly advise strengthening the masseter’s muscles regularly, so that you can chew heavier objects. With their special “Mewing” method, They teach you to alter the face’s shape and how to place your tongue in a proper position starting at a young age.

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