Ways to Reinforce College Classroom Doors You Need to Know

While any catastrophic crises and emergencies on your college campus, getting a lockdown strategy in place is likely quite complicated and also critical.

Alongside your door reinforcement, there are various approaches you may want to add. For instance, a pre-emptive approach, your campus can conduct a hardware audit, assign a security committee, or train staff prepared in lockdown procedures.

Whether or not the protocols and procedures are very strict, emergencies arise when the least anticipated are. These 3 steps enable you to reinforce the doors to the classroom that can make all the difference in protecting the people on your college campus.

Implementing Better Barricades

A bar may be put across the door when a building or campus enters lockdown due to a security threat, which prohibits people from opening and entering the door. Note that also makes it impossible for someone to quit without removing the barrier.

Thick metal or wooden bars can easily be fixed with a door frame so that if they are stored nearby, no one has to look for them or move them to the door.

Another difference between these bars is that they have a plastic or metal brace or a loop that hides the lock or the handle. But, this method has some potential security flaws; while in some cases, students might be safe if the room is locked, if there is an unexpected fire in the room, or if the room has to be evacuated.

Installing Better Locks

Modern universities and colleges generally have a number of buildings of diverse ages, some of which are new, some of which go back decades. Many of them were built years before threatening armed students or strangers that were actually part of the reality, so they’re not as safe as newer buildings. Even so, some might not even have locks or doors, if you can imagine.

It probably means that various classrooms or other campus offices have various lock forms- some inside lock, some outside lock, and some both. Locking inside can be useful for instructors with keys and having to make sure everyone’s safe.

Doors that probably allow the administrator to lock them from the outside with a master key only when they have sufficient time and secure conditions to lock each door without putting themselves at risk; it also doesn’t solve the difficulty of people inside wanting or needing to get out. So, it is important to install a good lock system in your university or college, and that is why you can hire a professional locksmit h service.

Adopt Better Wedges

Another option can be a great choice to insert a small wedge in the door that will prevent it from opening from outside, but still make it easier to remove when hearing the all-clear. Getting one of these out is often easier, instead of attempting to remove a larger bar or bolt, or unlock a door. 

One potential vulnerability is that if a crisis situation arises an instructor could not remember where the item is, or it may easily be lost or misplaced, particularly if it is seemed to be a door stop at any time.

We encourage you to note that a preconceived security policy should always involve these three steps described here. In addition to incorporating the measures, you also make sure that you have a hardware audit, create a security zone with a lockdown plan, assign a security committee, and improve your staff to respond appropriately.

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